Value Fund


The Intelligent Investor Value Fund is a portfolio of ASX-listed stocks managed by Intelligent Investor Funds Management. The Value Fund was set up to provide members of Intelligent Investor with access to smaller, more complicated opportunities than those available in the newsletter. It is open to all new investors.

Established in October 2009, the Value Fund today continues to offer exposure to a concentrated portfolio of what we believe are the cheapest stocks on the market. There are no hard and fast rules about how many stocks we will be able to find trading at a substantial discount to their underlying value. Nor do we know in which particular areas of the market they will arise.

Thus the Value Fund can potentially end up invested in a relatively small number of stocks (less than 20) and these stocks can be small and illiquid. At times it could also hold large amounts of cash. This concentrated, selective, flexible approach is part of our strategy for providing superior long-term returns.

Although it hasn’t been the case so far, we also expect the concentrated nature of the Fund to result in more price volatility than that exhibited by the wider stock market. The performance statistics are updated monthly, with reports available in the performance section of this website.

The Value Fund is a unit trust priced on a weekly basis.

You can find out more in the Value Fund Product Disclosure Statement or by reading the quarterly reports.